Increasing Demands of surrogacy and inability to conceive

Gynecologist, health, medicine

The demand of surrogacy is increasing day by day. What can be a reason behind this. Why so many women nowadays are unable to conceive a baby. This problem is increasing in every country at an alarming rate. The possible reason behind this could be improper daily routine. In older day women used to live inside the home. Nowadays working women are balancing both the things. The pressure from work and responsibilities of home. They have to manage this somehow. Due to this sometime they skip their meal, there body start lacking nutrition and protein. Then irregular office shifts dis balances the daily routine of sleep and food. Due to this many hormonal changes start occurring in the body of a female. These changes later results into an irregular cycle. And many a times it leads to infertility. So to avoid any future problems here are some tips. Take your food at proper time, Take a complete meal daily. Drink lots of water. Take atleast 6 hours of sleep daily. Other than this go to the doctors for yearly check-up. These are some tips for daily routine.



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