Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews

When it comes to the matter of managing the issues of infertility among the women, the name of Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur takes the lead. Dr. Shivani has been working in the as an IVF doctor from the past ten years and the results of her efforts and treatment are very successful. Being a top notch doctor in India she has helped a number of women to conceive with the babies.

Dr. Shivani – Education and Career!

Dr. Shivani completed her studies in the field of medical and obstetrician qualifications by studying in Mumbai in the year 2000 and till now it has been ten years she is working in the field. After completing her studies, she left for a research project to be conducted in the UK and worked over the project, other than this she also worked as an obstetrician and gynecologists in the hospital in the UK named as Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. In the year 2005, Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur was awarded with a membership of Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists and right after attaining the membership she came back to India.

In India, she founded the two major names serving for the infertility issues named as Isis Hospital and Multispecialty Centre and SCI Healthcare. The name of this Dr. Shivani in India is considered to be an important one especially in the context of infertility issues. She with her qualification and training and her dedication to help people has made a number of people have the joy of being parents in their life.

She has been successful woman in her education as well as professional life and treats all her patients equally. Being friendly in nature, her patients always consider her as a role model for them. People from far away areas as well visit Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur and get their babies delivered considering her hand to be a perfect one for the purpose.

Being a parent is the feeling that only those understand who have been blessed with children, however, the pain of not having a child is also miserable. People like Dr. Shivani are working really hard in order to help people come out of the trauma. This woman has been an inspiring personality and a great doctor, the patients who have completely lost faith to have children when visit her always leaves with a happy face. She is always very dedicated to her profession which is somehow her passion as well. She has been taking a lot of interest in her patients and their problems and that is the reason she has been successful in her intentions.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur has been a name in the world of IVF that has a successful career, with that her affiliations and membership with the well known health care institutes and hospitals have made her a reliable person. She has always kept herself engaged with the field and always focuses on new updates in order to offer the best of her services to her patients so that they may enjoy the feeling of being parents.


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