IVF Treatments and many other alternatives

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Infertility in couples nowadays is a common problem. But it can be cured through various treatments and techniques. There are various solutions such as artificial insemination, IVF treatments. For same sex couples who want babies it is a miraculous gift through they can have babies.



Major reasons for infertility in women

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As the problem related to infertility is increasing so is the demand of surrogacy. The major possible reasons behind infertility in women could be improper daily schedule of sleep, food other than work pressure, tensions related to personal and professionals. All these things together results in hormonal imbalance inside the body. Which further results in problems related to pregnancy.


Increasing Demands of surrogacy and inability to conceive

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The demand of surrogacy is increasing day by day. What can be a reason behind this. Why so many women nowadays are unable to conceive a baby. This problem is increasing in every country at an alarming rate. The possible reason behind this could be improper daily routine. In older day women used to live inside the home. Nowadays working women are balancing both the things. The pressure from work and responsibilities of home. They have to manage this somehow. Due to this sometime they skip their meal, there body start lacking nutrition and protein. Then irregular office shifts dis balances the daily routine of sleep and food. Due to this many hormonal changes start occurring in the body of a female. These changes later results into an irregular cycle. And many a times it leads to infertility. So to avoid any future problems here are some tips. Take your food at proper time, Take a complete meal daily. Drink lots of water. Take atleast 6 hours of sleep daily. Other than this go to the doctors for yearly check-up. These are some tips for daily routine.


Surrogate mothers are suffering after Nepal Earthquake

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It is such a tragic incident that after the earthquake in Nepal the surrogates are suffering so badly through the circumstances. The rescue mission was started only for the babies. Many Israeli babies were rescued in the earthquake. Some of the babies were with their parents and those who were not were cared for by the Israeli passengers. But no facilities were given to the surrogate mothers. After this incident what i believe is that the surrogacy laws in Nepal must be reevaluated again.

Surrogacy treatments in India

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Surrogacy treatments are increasing day by day. Many people from other countries are coming in India to get cheap and good surrogacy treatments in India. Being a doctor I know the emotions of childless couples. There expectations increases after consulting the doctor. Now people are adapting this technology of artificial surrogacy.

Surrogate mother risking their lives in India

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In India surrogate mother are risking their lives for money. As we know that nowadays more people are coming from other countries for these types of alternatives because the treatment in India is cheaper as compared to other places. But lets see the negative side of this, many mothers are also dying because of improper conditions and many other issues. The doctors are also interested only in end product that is the baby and not mothers. They are money but that does not mean they have complete right over their lives. This has became an issue on global level.

Health related problem in surrogacy and their solution given by Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour

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Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour is a famous gynecologist of Delhi. He specializes in Surrogacy treatments. According to her nowadays this young generation is facing the problem of infertility more as compared to the previous generation. The reason behind this is the changed daily routine, unhealthy food, irregular diet, lack of sleep and many other factors. As compared to the older generation now more women are working. They handle the pressure of family as well as their office. The physical stress and mental pressure both are affecting the health of women. Not only women are affected by this routine but also men are suffering from many health related issues due to this. Lack of sleep is the major factor in all this. Sleep is the process through which our body gains rest and energy. If someone is not being able to sleep for months due to night shifts or whatever be the reason then it will ultimately affect the health of that person and because of this the regular cycle will be affected. Rest is equally important for a person. So she always give advice to other patient to take proper sleep regularly and give mental rest to yourself at regular interval of times.

An acclaimed gynecologist and fruitfulness expert Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour

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An acclaimed gynecologist and fruitfulness expert Dr. Shivani Sachdev-Gour, who is otherwise called “Dr. Shivani” has been honing the abilities of being a decent obstetrician and gynecologist for about 10 years. She is an author, chief of SCI medicinal services. She has gotten her capability from Maharashtra Medical Council and Medical Council of India. She has additionally been given the permit to begin such focus in power of the same foundation. In United Kingdom she has served for a long time and got preparing at both Hammersmith Hospital and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Scotland.

She took activity of undertaking this surrogacy rehearse as a calling in 2000, when she finished her medicinal and obstetrical capability in Mumbai and got included in treating her first instance of lawful surrogacy in India. After the legitimate methodology of business surrogacy did function admirably with the requests of preeminent court in 2002 then she petitioned enrollment in Royal College of Obstetricians and gynecologists (UK) and with her steady endeavors was granted the participation in May 2005. In 2007 in the wake of returning to Delhi she chose to make up her own richness focus and counseled an IVF pro and established the framework of SCI human services focus.

Educational degrees and clinical fellowship of Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour

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She has acquired her educational degrees from Maharashtra Medical Council & Medical Council of India. After passing out from here she had been given the opportunity to launch her career from her very own institution. She got the training in IVF from the reputed Hammersmith Hospital of UK & Royal infirmary of Edinburgh Scotland. She used to work as a clinical research fellow in both of the hospitals. For about 4 years of training in both of the institutions she had learnt many things & became an expert.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour audits are sufficient to express her significance

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Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour audits are sufficient to express that she has been assisting all such couples by giving them the significant medications. The confirmation of her aptitudes and her treatment achievement is being seen by method for simply looking an eye on the Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour surveys and you might essentially be in a position to choose that whether you should visit her or not.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour reviews emphatically. Her greatness in IVF is amazing and no other specialist can be contrasted with the way she gives medicines to her patients. She utilizes the most recent advancements and strategies that are less bother arranged and in the meantime are more helpful for the patients.